Ryann began reading at age four and hasn’t spent a day without a book since.  She was immediately fascinated by the magic of words and their ability to transport and transform.  An Arizona native and University of Arizona graduate, she received her degree in Psychology, with minors in Sociology and Child Development.  Upon graduation, she traveled throughout Europe, lived in London and found that she is actually a big city girl at heart.


Ryann moved to Chicago where she attended law school at Loyola University, Chicago.  Law school provided her with the tools necessary to become a strong advocate for human rights.  During law school, she was given the opportunity to study abroad in Tanzania.  She conducted legal research in the field of human rights, taught in village schools, worked with patients in rural medical clinics and volunteered working with children in a local orphanage.   This experience not only solidified her desire to be of service, but also impressed upon her the importance of each individual.  She was able to experience, first hand, not only the innocence but also the resilience that lives within each child.


For the past ten years, Ryann has worked in Chicago as an Assistant Public Defender relentlessly advocating for marginalized populations.  As an attorney in the Child Protection Division, she fights daily for the rights of children and families.


Now married and the mother of a precocious little boy, she works hard to instill in him the lessons she has learned throughout her experiences.  Through her writing, Ryann hopes to introduce children to the magic that lies within each of us and most importantly, that every person is important.

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